Bill Atkinson
Theoretical and Computational Simulations of Quantum Materials

Why come to Trent?

New for 2019:  Canadian students (and permanent residents) are eligible for a PhD scholarship valued at $20,000 (in addition to regular support).  Contact me for details!

Here's what you get out of working in my group.

  • The chance to do original research on a cutting-edge topic. 
  • The chance to work in a small group (I typically have no more than 3 or 4 students at a time) with plenty of opportunity to interact with me.
  • Experience in scientific computing.  All of my students write code from scratch.  All of them are good programmers by the time they leave.
  • Critical thinking skills.  This sounds like a cliché, but it's real.  You will learn to think about data critically, how to analyse it, and how to present it for maximum effect.  You will learn to assess your own work critically.
  • Problem solving skills.  Research is an endless process of problem solving.  You will be good at it.
  • Presentation and communication skills.  Between our communication course, student seminars, group meetings, and writing your thesis, you will be a good communicator by the time you graduate.
  • A great work environment.  Trent University is a great place to be a student.